EPSDT (Well Child Exams)



WHO is eligible?

Children and adolescents from infancy through age 20 that have Medicaid or KCHIP.


WHAT is an EPSDT (Well Child Exam)? Early, Periodic, Screening and Diagnostic Testing-A Registered Nurse does a complete physical for your child. She checks to see if your child is growing and developing the way he should be, and she checks your child's hearing, vision, and speech. She may also do all or some of the following checks:


  • Hemoglobin test - to check iron levels
  • Immunizations - if needed
  • Lead poisoning screening
  • Fluoride Varnish - to protect your child's teeth
  • Other tests if needed - including TB Skin Test, Blood Pressure, or Sickle Cell testing


    The nurses who do Well Child Exams are specially trained to care for children.  They can help parents understand a child's health problems and can explain ways to get more help. They will give parents information about how to keep children safe and how to keep them from getting sick.


    ARE you interested?

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