Other Environmental Services

Septic Tank Cleaning
Septic tank cleaning vehicles are inspected annually for compliance with health regulations. Septic disposal sites are also inspected annually. Compliance with public health regulations insures proper safety and sanitation requirements are being met.

Swimming Areas
Public swimming areas including pools, spas, and beaches are inspected by the health department. The health department monitors water quality and safety of each facility. Inspections are conducted at least twice per year.

Vending Machines
Vending machines that dispense potentially hazardous foods or drink (sandwiches, milk, etc.) are inspected by the health department to insure cleanliness and proper maintenance.

Youth Camps
Youth camps are open seasonally and are inspected upon opening and when necessary during operation. Youth camp inspections focus on safety, sanitation, and proper operation of the camp.

Radon Program
Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium and is found in nearly all soils. Radon gas moves thru the soil into the air and can become trapped in homes and structures. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The health department provides radon test kits free of charge to residents of the district. Also information about how to reduce radon levels in your home or building and general info about radon is available.

Hotel – Motel Program
KRS 219.011 Defines a hotel as: "means every building or structure kept, used, maintained, advertised, or held out to the public as a place where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the public, and includes motels, tourist homes, and similar establishments." Facilities must be permitted and inspected annually. Hotel Fees are based upon the number of rooms.

Tanning Facilities
902 KAR 45:075 requires each tanning facility to register with the local health department and pay a fee of $20. People less than 14 years of age are to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when using a tanning bed. Written parental/guardian consent for those over 14 but less than 18 years of age is also required. These signed consent forms are to be kept on file in the establishment. The facility must provide a written statement that provides the warnings associated with the use of a tanning device.

Confinement Facilities
The Pennyrile District Health Department is required to inspect both the Kentucky State Penitentiary and West Kentucky Correctional Complex on a semi – annual basis every 180 days to assure compliance with current standards.

Mobile – Home Recreational Vehicle Parks
Two or more mobile homes on one piece of property available to the general public is considered to be a mobile home park and must comply with Kentucky Regulations. Mobile Home and RV parks are inspected for safety, cleanliness etc. annually.

Schools are inspected semi – annually using an inspection form that covers water supplies, sewage disposal, trash disposal, restroom sanitation, and health and safety.

Tattoo Studios/ Tattoo Artists & Body Piercing and Ear Piercing
KRS 211.760 requires any person who engages in the business of tattooing, and or body piercing to register with the local health department. Registration is required for the business and the tattoo artist and/or piercer. Tattoo artists, body piercers and ear piercers pay a $20 registration fee. A tattoo and body piercing studio pays a $100 certification fee. An ear piercing studio pays a $25 certification fee. A written notarized consent with an official seal and with the signature of a custodial parent or legal guardian shall be obtained for all minors prior to body piercing, ear piercing, or application of a tattoo. Facilities are inspected annually.

Rabies Quarantine
Working with local hospitals, veterinarians, and other health care providers, your local health department investigates all reported instances of possible human exposure to the rabies virus by an animal bite though a quarantine process. The quarantine includes a process of confinement to observe for clinical signs of rabies, which last a period of ten days starting on the day of the bite. If the animal in question remains healthy though out the confinement period it is considered healthy and no further action is necessary.
Animal Bite Form

Nuisance Control
Your local health department occasionally receives nuisance complaints concerning household garbage, surfacing sewage or other public health issues. Maintaining strict confidentiality, each complaint is investigated and, if required, efforts are made to resolve the issue with the offending party. If resolution cannot be obtained though the health department further action can be taken though the local county attorney.

Water Testing Services
Water testing is available though the health department upon request. Water samples are sent to a certified state laboratory for testing for the presence of contaminates such as E Coli and Coliform bacteria. Water samples are $15.00. To schedule a water test please contact your local health department.

Additional Information

Animal Bite Form

West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes-You may contact the health department to be added to the mosquito spray list. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture provides this service.



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Water Purification

Well Disinfection