Family Planning



The Family Planning Program encourages all teens to discuss with a parent or guardian their decision to become sexually active but this is not a requirement.


The goal of the Pennyrile District Health Department Family Planning Clinic is to assist individuals in planning their family, delaying the start of their planning, and counseling those trying to achieve pregnancy. We also offer individual counseling in responsible sexual actions, preventing/treating STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and promoting a healthy lifestyle by making these services readily available to the community.


The actual cost is based on the household income, test(s) performed, and method of birth control. Medicaid is accepted. Charges are made on a sliding fee scale. Our services include one on one counseling and all information is kept confidential. We encourage those who have insurance see their primary care physician for their family planning services.


Family Planning Services may include:


Blood Pressure Screening
Blood sugar screening

Pap Smear

STD Screening
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Clinical Breast Exam
HIV Screening
Pregnancy Test
Hemoglobin Check
Lipid Profile
Male sterilization


Please speak to one of our family planning nurses to fine out what birth control method is suitable for you.