Food Services

The Food Service Program is designed to protect the public by conducting routine inspections on food service facilities including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, temporary food concessions, vending machines, and bed and breakfast kitchen facilities. Inspections are conducted annually or biannually, or more often depending on the type of establishment.  These inspections are done without notification to the facility.  When opening a new facility, plans must be submitted and approved by the local health environmentalist. 


Restaurant Inspection Scores

Kentucky’s Food Safety Program

Kentucky Food Code

2005 FDA Food Code

Boil Water Advisory Requirements

Temporary Food Guidelines and Permit
Guidelines for Plan Submittal for a Retail Food Establishments

Informational Handouts:
Food Handling and Storage
Temporary Food Establishments
Water Emergency Operational Procedures
Three Compartment Sink
Wipe Cloths-Beware of Hitchhikers
Proper Thawing Methods
Don’t Give Bacteria a Chance to Grow-Cooling
Cross Contamination
Thoroughly Cook Foods to Kill Bacteria

Kentucky’s “Farmer’s Market” Home Based Processor Regulation