Here you will find quick updates on the newest mandates and recommendations for Team Kentucky. For local Coronavirus case numbers and more instant updates follow our Facebook page. To keep up with Governor Beshear’s announcements you can find more information here.

Recent Updates for Team Kentucky:

February 2022:

  • Not sure how to talk with your family and friends about the vaccine? Check out this resource for a few conversation pointers.

  • We are currently dealing with the Omicron Variant of COVID-19 which has a very high transmission rate. The CDC has provided this resource to help you understand how to best protect yourself and others from this variant.

  • Is it time to get your booster? Need to schedule your first vaccine appointment? Find out more information and your local vaccine locations here.

  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 and you’re not sure what to do? Here are the most recent guidelines:

August 25, 2020

We know many of you are heading back to school, so we wanted to quickly explain what happens if someone at your child’s school tests positive for COVID-19. Details are in the graphic below. Let’s work together to have a safe and healthy new school year!

July 29, 2020

With all of the school changes and decisions to make, don’t forget to schedule your child’s back to school physical. You can schedule this at any of our health centers: 

Call us today: 

Caldwell County Health Dept- 270-365-6571
Crittenden County Health Dept- 270-965-5215
Livingston County Health Dept- 270-928-2193
Lyon County Health Dept- 270-388-9763
Trigg County Health Dept- 270-522-8121

July 28, 2020:

Governor Beshear announced the following steps:

  • Bars will be closed for two weeks, effective today, Tuesday, July 28.

  • Restaurants will be limited to 25% of pre-pandemic capacity indoors; outdoor accommodations remain limited only by the ability to provide proper social distancing.

  • Public and private schools are being asked to avoid offering in-person instruction until the third week of August.

You can view the full order here.

July 20, 2020:

On July 20, 2020 the Kentucky Department for Public Health issued a travel advisory with the recommendation of a 14-day self-quarantine for travelers who went to any of the following states reporting positive testing rate equal to or greater than 15% of COVID-19 testing. This list now includes (as of July 29): 

  • Alabama – 19.15%

  • Arizona – 22.67%

  • Florida – 19.23%

  • Georgia – 14.30%

  • Idaho – 17.59%

  • Nevada – 14.40%

  • South Carolina – 15.92%

  • Texas – 12.92%

  • Mississippi – 21.47%

Also, Beshear asked for social, non-commercial gatherings to be reduced from 50 back to 10 or fewer people. The guidance does not include weddings, restaurants, retail or other public venues. You can read more about this travel advisory here.

July 9, 2020:

In all public settings, masks are now required in Kentucky. The number one thing a mask can do is protect the health of yourself and those around you according to Governor Andy Beshear. Learn more about the mask mandate and how to safely wear a mask here. This is in effect for at least 30 days.


Anyone 2+ years old who is not vaccinated or not up to date on vaccines should wear masks in indoor public spaces. When your county is experiencing a high transmission rate, we recommend everyone, regardless of vaccine status wear masks indoors. Check your county’s transmission rate by using this map here. Areas with a high incidence rate will be listed in red.

Masking is a critical public health tool for preventing the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to remember that any mask is better than no mask. However, you want to make sure that the mask you are wearing fits well, doesn’t have any gaps, isn’t wet or dirty and doesn’t have a vent or exhalation valves.

You especially want to mask up if you’re in any of the following situations:

  • Taking care of someone who is sick with COVID-19

  • Immunocompromised, have an underlying health condition or an older adult

  • If you work a job that interacts with the public throughout the day

  • Using public transportation, especially for long periods of time

  • If social distancing is not an option in a crowded setting

  • If you are not up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations

You can learn more about the CDC’s most current recommendations about masks here.


As you deal with your own COVID-19 stress, it can be even more difficult to help your children understand and cope. Remember, we are here to help you and our community stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Below you will find tips for talking with your children and teens about COVID-19.  It takes each of us working together to keep our community healthy and moving forward. Find more resources and Team Kentucky updates here. 


As your local health department, part of our role is to help stop the spread of diseases that can impact your family. Today, that includes COVID-19.  You may have heard about contact tracing recently in the news or on social media, but we wanted to make sure you had the facts. Below you’ll discover what you can expect and how you can play a vital part in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

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