When I found out I was pregnant with my first son I went to sign up for WIC and later on learned about the HANDS program. When I found out about the program I was only 7-8 weeks along and now my first born, Alejandro is one and I’m expecting my second baby and I will continue with the program. I’ve had an amazing experience and they have helped me prepare for my first born and now with my second baby. I’ve learned so much thanks to the amazing people I’ve met: Kathy, Abigail, Heather, Kim and Danielle. As long as I’m here in Princeton, I will continue with the program as long as I can.

– Kaylynn

“The activities we do every week are so fun. It gives me a chance to not only bond with my son, but help teach him important skills he will use for the rest of his life.”- Wendy

When I first became pregnant I was scared and nervous about becoming a mother. I felt like I didn’t have a clue about raising a baby. I was excited but self-conscious about my abilities to be mother.

The hands program stepped in and helped me out tremendously starting when I was 12 weeks pregnant. My family support worker was a miracle worker for my stress and anxiety. She helped me set goals that helped ease my stress when I brought my baby home. She brought me information weekly and worked with me on how to prepare for the most life-changing experience that would happen. She helped me realize my natural motherly instincts and instilled a confidence in me that I am an amazing mother.

She helped me accomplish goals that made my daughter’s life better. She watches for my daughter’s milestones and helps me to help my daughter learn and grow.

Without the hands program, I would have been extremely overwhelmed and not knowing what to expect when I brought my daughter home from the hospital.

She has helped my family grow together, set goals together and accomplish them together!

If a friend asked me why I would recommend this program, my first answer would be the support you receive. From pregnancy, birth, and postpartum you have someone that is there for you, has your back, and supports your decisions and beliefs as a parent. They help guide you to being the best parent you can be. There is no judgement in the hands program, no negativity, only positivity and room for growth! You make a special connection with your family support worker, and look forward to their visits every week. Especially with postpartum and aftercare, they are there to help if you might suffer from depression and anxiety after childbirth.

It can be overwhelming and challenging becoming a parent whether it’s your first child or your 4th, the hands program is there to be hands on and help you to become the best parent you can be. – Trigg County Mom

“The week that I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, my HANDS worker came in and talked with me and just let me cry and express my concerns. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what I would have done.” -Wendy

“I love the hands program. It has taught me a lot on helping my child progress. Having the hands program has taken away my worries on if I’m doing the right thing or not.” – Becca

“I absolutely enjoyed the HANDS program! We loved our HANDS woman like she was family! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women. We are sad that our journey ended since my little one graduated out, but if we are blessed with another child and we have the option to join again we definitely will!” – Mackenzie

“We love the HANDS program so much. There are so many learning opportunities and so many fun things you get to experience as well! You receive such amazing support and get treated like you’re family. And definitely make friendships to last a lifetime. Our HANDS lady is the best.”- Vanessa

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