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“When I called the quitline a couple of months ago to break my two-pack-a-day habit, I felt really frustrated. I’d tried all the nicotine replacement therapies and different quit smoking medications with no success. To put it bluntly, nothing worked…A month later, I’m off cigarettes and I don’t miss them. I’d been a slave to those cancer sticks way too long. What a waste of time. I love breathing without hacking and coughing…My next goal is to support my daughters in quitting smoking!”

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Pennyrile District Health Department is dedicated to
protecting the environment, providing preventive health
services, and educating our communities to promote
healthier lifestyles.
Services of the Pennyrile District Health Department are
available to all qualified persons regardless of race, creed,
color, sex, country of origin, or disability.

Contact Us

Pennyrile District Health Department - (270) 388-9747
Caldwell County Health Department - (270) 365-6571
Crittenden County Health Department - (270) 965-5215
Livingston County Health Department - (270) 928-2193
Lyon County Health Department - (270) 388-9763
Trigg County Health Department - (270) 522-8121

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