Family Services Offered At Your Local Health Department

We work to get local families on a healthy track, giving them the support, tools and resources needed to take control of their own health. First, know that at any time you can call and set up an appointment to ask questions about programs, classes, etc. And second, we hope you’ll use our website as a resource to help you become a healthier you. 

Many of our services are low or no cost. We work with you to provide the support you need to live a healthy life, without adding additional financial burdens.

With us, you’ll discover each new day is an opportunity to become a healthier you, which is always the first step in building a healthier family.


EPSDT (Well Child Exams)

Children and adolescents from infancy to age 20 with Medicaid or KCHIP can schedule an appointment for a Well Child Exam. EPSDT stands for Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment, broken down below:


Assess and identify problems early, starting at birth


Check children’s health at periodic, age-appropriate intervals in comprehensive well-child visits, including health education


Provide physical, dental, mental, developmental, hearing, vision, and other screening or laboratory tests to detect potential problems


Perform diagnostic tests and assessments to follow up when a risk is identified during screening and examinations


Control, correct, or improve any problems that are found

Call to schedule your child’s appointment and then a registered nurse will do a complete physical examination. The nurse will check your child’s hearing, vision, and speech and may do all or some of the following:

To check iron levels

To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Our nurses are specially trained to care for children. If you have questions, they are there to help you understand your child’s health concerns. Our goal is to prevent sickness and disease, so the nurse will give you more information about how to keep your child safe and healthy. Plus, if further treatment or support is needed, they can help you find additional help.


This is the Special Supplemental and Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. If you live in the Pennyrile district in Kentucky, you may qualify for this assistance. Find out if you’re eligible and discover resources to help you create healthy, on a budget meals for you and your family.


This is a free program for new Kentucky parents who want to have a support system as they go through pregnancy and the infant/toddler years. Learn more about the benefits of this free, in-home visitation program.


Protect your family from preventable diseases by scheduling your vaccination appointment. Many parents are worried about vaccinations but we want to make sure you have all the facts to make the healthiest choice for your family. All CDC recommended childhood vaccines are provided and seasonally the flu vaccine is given. Check the immunization schedule to see if your child is on track.


We do offer free, confidential health services to teens. There are certain health screenings and support that can be done without parental consent. You can schedule a pregnancy test, STD screening, or pick up free condoms.