HANDS Program for New Parents

Your main concern is your child’s health. You need answers to questions every parent has. But, limited time, money and support can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 

That’s why Kentucky health departments offer the HANDS program, a free service for all new Kentucky parents. Every parent should feel empowered in raising their child to be healthy and ready for each new step. Each of our health departments in the Pennyrile region help participants achieve just that.

What is the HANDS program?

HANDS = Health Access Nurturing Development Services. Any new Kentucky parent is eligible to enroll, at no cost to the family, from pregnancy up to 90 days after birth. The purpose is to give parents a support system for the first two years of their child’s life. Every child is unique and reaches different stages at different points. Our HANDS parent visitors will be able to discuss any questions or concerns about pregnancy and baby’s first years.

Why participate in HANDS?

You, as the parent, are the most important person in your baby’s life. This can be overwhelming, demanding and lead to worries and stress. Working with us, you’ll have someone to share those questions and worries with. 

    We offer: 

  • Support from pregnancy through the early years of your baby’s life. 

  • Ways to make your home safer for baby.

  • Information about your child’s health and development

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn for information to make the best decision. That’s why we provide support to parents right from the start and right in their own homes. Studies have shown that families who participate in this program experienced: 

  • Fewer premature infants.

  • Fewer low birth weight babies.

  • Fewer developmental delays. 

Parents who participated also reported improvements in their coping skills, stress levels and discipline techniques. They also learned how to improve their home’s safety, especially as their child began to crawl and walk. 

More details of the state program can be found on the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website. To enroll, call your local health department.

As you prepare for baby, what else can we help you with? Sometimes it just takes a quick conversation with one of our staff to find the right resources and support that you need. 

    Other services we offer new parents: 

  • See if you qualify for WIC, a program that offers nutritional foods and support for lower income families. 

  • Immunizations and vaccines at the right time from infancy through adulthood. 

  • Well checkups for kids as you prepare them for preschool and Kindergarten. 

  • Counseling from a certified dietitian who helps pregnant, nursing mothers and families build healthy dietary plans. (Ask your doctor for a referral.)

Want to learn more about any of these services? Give us a call!

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