Why Enroll in Quit Now Kentucky

Quit Now Kentucky is a program that assists tobacco users on their journey to quit. Calling today doesn’t mean you have to make a decision to quit right now. It just means you’re taking the next step on the path toward quitting for good.

Be Tobacco Free Quit Now Kentucky

So, why should you enroll?

We can’t answer that for you. 

Yes, we will explain what you can expect from the program and how it’s helped others (see below). But, you have to decide on your “why”. Every person is unique and has a different reason for quitting. Finding your reason will drive you in every step of the way. It will also help you take that first step and enroll in Quit Now KY. 

What to expect from the program

You can enroll into the program either online or by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW. 

  • Coaching sessions are done by phone and additional support is given through email, text or instant message. (They’re available Monday – Sunday 6am-midnight central time) 

  • You’ll work with a coach to: 

    • Prepare a quit plan

    • Set a quit date

    • Understand tobacco triggers

    • Learn how to manage cravings and address relapses

  • A robust pharmacotherapy program is offered that varies by client. 

  • Planning and educational materials to help participants map out their road to quitting tobacco.

  • Membership in an online community of others who are working to become tobacco free.

So, does this program really work?

It’s hard to put trust into a person you’ve never met or a program you have no experience with. We get that. Take a look at other people’s experiences and see if you connect with any of their stories. If you do, why not call 1-800-QUIT-NOW and see what it’s all about? Or enroll online!

Want to schedule a screening or ask questions about next steps regarding your health?