Practice Prevention with the Pennyrile Health Department

Arm Yourself Against Disease

First Steps to a Healthier You

We offer programs and tips to help you take control of your own health, starting today.

Support for New Parents

See if you’re eligible for WIC or apply for our free HANDS program.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19

Learn more about the virus and the latest information about vaccines.

Children & Family Services

We’re Your Local Option for Affordable Screenings, Immunizations and More!

We’ve found many people don’t know that we are here for everyone in the Pennyrile district. Note, that we’re not called the “sick” department, our main goal is to help prevent infections and diseases so you live your healthiest life. We serve every member of the community, regardless of age or income. From well visits, to fluoride treatments to family support programs like HANDS and WIC, we have many different services available to Pennyrile district families. You can learn more here.

I Want to Quit Because…

3 out of 4 smokers want to quit. We believe you can do more than want to.

There are many reasons to quit including health concerns, financial restraints and pressure from others. It’s easy to feel alone when you make the decision to quit, but we want you to know that’s not true. On average, 450 others are making the same choice to seek support today. Sign up today for your support coach!